Welcome to Workspace Health

Active working and ergonomic chairs


Welcome to Workspace Health!

Founded by Stuart Nottingham, Workspace Health are a subsidiary to SEQOHS Registered Sun Rehabilitation.

Dedicated to looking after the Musculoskeletal needs of the UK Office Worker; 70% of our Work Population.

Due to objective, evidence-based reporting we aim to become the National Provider of Ergonomic Furniture within the Occupational Health sector, delivering DSE (Display Screen Equipment) compliance along with advice and assistance on Active Working improving Health and Well-Being for all UK Employees.

Why Workspace Health?

We focus on delivering value
We provide ergonomic assessments, equipment and consultancy backed by research and development
We can provide supportive on/offsite physiotherapy and occupational health
We have proven experience across the Public, Private, Higher Education, NHS and Emergency Services’ sectors
We have UK wide expertise

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