Welcome to Workspace Health!

We are a specialist DSE Office Ergonomic Supplier. We are unique in our sector as the origins of Workspace Health come from Occupational Health. This gives us a fundamentally different perspective on why we exist, how we think and how we operate.

The centre of our Ergonomic Assessments is you, the person. There is now a very strong evidence base in the scientific literature looking at workplace health in sedentary workers that states the solutions are in changing behaviours and working practices and not the workplace equipment.

Due to objective, evidence-based reporting we aim to become the National Provider of Ergonomic Furniture within the Occupation Health sector, delivering DSE (Display Screen Equipment) compliance along with advice and assistance on Active Working.

✓ Focused on Delivering Value

✓ Focused on Quality and Compliance

✓ Focused on Customer Service

✓ Provide Ergonomic Assessments, Equipment and Consultancy

✓ Deliver Physiotherapy and Occupational Health Services

✓ Experience in Public, Private, Higher Education, NHS and Emergency Service Sector

✓ UK Wide Expertise

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