Teleconferencing Information

Teleconferencing Information

Workspace Health are currently expanding our services to video calling consultation. We will have been asked by your employer to contact you in regard to an issue that you have reported to them. We will be contacting you via our system called which is a secure video service.

By accepting the invitation, I understand that my Employer wishes me to engage in telemedicine consultation with Sun Rehabilitation using You can find further information in our privacy policy

I understand that there are always some potential risks to this type of technology, including interruptions, unauthorised access and technical difficulties. I understand that Sun Rehabilitation or I can discontinue the consultation if it is felt that video consultation connections are not adequate for the situation. We always take care to ensure the services that we use are secure and compliant with the data protection act.

I understand that the information obtained during the video consultation will be confidential.

Potential Risks:
• Such online services transmit data across the internet in an encrypted format; whilst this is a reasonably secure means of sending data, it can never be 100% secure.
• Poor quality internet connections can often interfere with the quality of the video conference.
• I understand that the device I use to take part in a video call can be a risk to privacy if it is not secure

These Risks can be Reduced by:
• You will be called for your video consultation or be provided with instructions for joining via Do not attempt to call our organisation directly.
• Please use the fastest connection you have available (mobile or broadband) and the device with highest resolution/quality webcam/rear facing camera.
• Ensure that you have a safe, quiet, confidential place that is free from interruptions for your consultation.
• Never use a public computer that you don’t have knowledge of, especially as you may not have any knowledge of the security of such a system.

• We will NOT record any of the consultation. If we need to keep images or recordings, we will discuss this with you first.
• If you wish to record the session with your own applications or another device, we request that you inform our staff in advance please.