About Us

‘Specialists in Ergonomics and Active Working’

Welcome to Workspace Health!

Founded by Stuart Nottingham, Workspace Health are dedicated to looking after the Musculoskeletal needs of the UK office worker; 70% of the working population. Focused on the education of ‘Good Working Practice’, Workspace Health embraces the individual as a whole.

Due to objective, evidence-based reporting we aim to become the National Provider of Ergonomic Furniture within the Occupation Health sector, delivering DSE (Display Screen Equipment) compliance along with advice and assistance on Active Working.

A subsidiary to our sister-company Sun Rehabilitation, 1 of 4 UK Occupational Health Businesses to have been awarded SEQOHS from the Faculty of Occupational Health Medicine. Workspace Health has become a mirror of our current Occupational Health systems meaning you can be assured by our understanding of compliance and quality.

With 12-years experience in the Occupational Health Industry. Understanding complex health impairments such as Fibromyalgia, MS, ME and more common MSD/ULD concerns. With an interest in Ergonomics and Furniture, Chris regularly places a variety of product into UK Businesses on a proactive and reactive basis.

Key People:

A combined experience of 40-years within the Occupational Health industry both Stuart Nottingham and Chris McGrath have a keen interest in Active Working and Mindfulness helping solve the complexities of Fibromyalgia, ME, ME and more common MLD disorders.


Stuart Nottingham – Managing Director

Chris McGrath – Sales Manager