Chair Setup

Adjusting your chair

Adjusting your chair for optimum comfort can make a huge difference to how you feel at work. Here are some key tips on how to go about it.

It is best if you are able to carry out your work sitting comfortably. Remember, good posture can help avoid problems. Make sure that the arms of the chair don’t stop you getting close enough to use your equipment comfortably. Adjust the arms up or down as needed and move any obstructions from under the desk.

  1. Make sure the small of the back is supported by the chairs backrest. You should have a straight back, supported by the chair with relaxed shoulders.
  2. Set the height of the chair to have forearms horizontal and eyes at roughly the same height as the top of your screen. Adjust the chair height to get the users arms in the right position, and then adjust the screen height if necessary.
  3. Adjust the seat until your feet are flat on the floor without too much pressure from the seat on the back of the legs. If not, a footrest may be needed.