DSE assessment.

Where an employee states that they are in pain or discomfort whilst at their workstation, it is part of the employer’s duty of care to assist the employee to work more comfortably, where reasonably practicable. 


Workspace Health uses specialist occupational health chartered physiotherapists for these assessments rather than sales lead lay assessors. The reason for this is that many problems are resolved with advice and education on good working practices rather than with the provision of ergonomic furniture which at best provides a sticking plaster over the issues. We put the individual at the centre of our assessments rather than the ergonomic furniture. In one project we have conducted 30% of the assessments required no equipment prescriptions and the resolution to the issue was on changing habits such as exercise and working practices. 


After the assessment is completed we submit a report that looks at the individual from multiple perspectives; and report on any occupational health issues, physiotherapy advice given, risk management, and if required we use our specialist knowledge of the ergonomic equipment market to recommend the best fit and best value solutions to the issues highlighted. 


Over the last year, we have conducted thousands of these assessments and have found that using a video link rather than being face to face does not alter the quality of the outcome or the experience of the employee.