Vehicle Assessment

To conduct the car assessment, we use specialist occupational health chartered physiotherapists that are qualified to not only assess the vehicle but also the person. All commonly available vehicles on the UK road are “fit for purpose”, but there are occasions when a person due to medical issues, their morphic type, or the way they need to use the vehicle can cause issues and we need to recommend a change. Commonly, we recommendation changes in work practices and lifestyle to resolve the issues.

Service Levels

⦁ Completed referral received to contacting employee 1 working day.

At this point an appointment is arranged and the employee is asked to digitally sign a release of information form to state they are happy for their data which is collected in the assessment to be released to their employer in a report.

⦁ Assessment completed within 5 working days.

⦁ Report released to employer 2 working days.

Before releasing the comprehensive report, all reports are peer reviewed to ensure consistency and quality. The report details the issues that are of concern, what actions need to be taken by the employee to assist themselves and recommendations of any actions to be considered by the employer.