Standing Fit

If you’re currently experiencing back pain, are you encouraged to adopt Active Working or, being issued with the latest Ergonomic Chair. Due to our ‘social normality’, I’m finding there may be some merit in the argument that states the more comfortable a seat, the less likely you are to get out of it.

The benefits between the two has become a very common question from Clients, particularly those with tighter budgets to adhere to. Unfortunately, whilst there is no black and white answer, evidence strongly points towards getting out of your chair and becoming ‘Active at Work’.

Personally, I like to make use of the Ergotron WorkFit-Z Mini. This is an easy way to infuse small amounts of movement into your day. The unit allows you to transform your current desk space, losing the pressure of installing a Sit-Stand Desk whilst creating flexibility which supports collaboration.

Supporting a variety of display configurations it has a remarkably sturdy design which is sold at a price point suitable for those tighter budgets.

So, what do you think you would choose for your Employee who is experiencing back pain?

A normality to sit at work is the biggest barrier I can see to adopting the ‘Active at Work’ lifestyle but, I think it is important to invest in a solution which ensures you are spending time standing, stretching and moving. Regardless of what your workday brings.

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