Standard DSE Assessment

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DSE Assessments

All DSE Assessments provided by Workspace Health are designed to ensure compliance with HSE guidelines as set out in the “Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992”.

Please note that in order to maintain compliance, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidelines recommend the Employer to have a record confirming that all office workers have completed the standard DSE assessment as a minimum every 24 months.

This assessment includes completion of the standard HSE questions by the employee. Workspace Health provides two options for completing this assessment:

Onsite DSE Assessment

A Workspace Health DSE Assessor will visit you onsite to go through the HSE questions with the employee and assist in setting up the workstation. A certificate will be provided to evidence completion.

Onsite Assessments are priced depending on the number to be assessed. Please get in touch:

Online DSE Self Assessment

Workspace Health believes that ultimately all office workers should be comfortable in setting up their own workstations, whether at home or in an office, and that they understand why it is important to maintain a healthy posture when seated.

The online DSE Assessment questionnaire not only ensures compliance but also trains workers to understand how and why it is important to maintain a healthy and ‘active’ approach to office working.

The employee is initially emailed a secure link to the online DSE training area and by watching video tutorials they will learn how to correctly set up their own workstation, before completing the HSE questions.

Once they have completed the online assessment, employees will be able to refer back to the Workspace Health website for refresher training and further tips as and when required.

Online Assessments are priced depending on the number to be assessed. Please get in touch:

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