Office Refurbishment & Procurement

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Office Refurbishment & Procurement

Most employers periodically renew or refurbish offices, but few realise this is the ideal time to re-assess whether they are buying the right type of DSE equipment to support the evolving needs of their workforce; be they homeworkers, office based or hot-deskers. Instead they fall into the trap of repeating previous evaluation and procurement processes on the basis that ‘it’s what we’ve always done’.

In reality, all this does is put a sticking plaster over the problem and misses an opportunity to focus on employee productivity and well-being.

In June 2015, Health England announced that it was recommending that all sedentary office workers are active (standing) for two hours of their working day, with the aim of making this four hours per working day.

This ground-breaking recommendation has significant implications for the design of workstations and offices.

Over the last few years, a vast array of research has pointed to the need to educate the workforce into how to use office furniture to its optimum and to adopt ‘active working’ styles.

Most importantly, these academic papers state that selling expensive, ergonomic furniture alone to solve individual problems is no longer justified.

Together with world-leading manufacturers, at Workspace Health we believe that a combined approach of occupational health and DSE furniture evaluation is the future as it considers all elements of the employee’s working life.

Workspace Health can work with your evaluation and procurement team to assist in making sure you are investing in the right type of DSE equipment both for your workforce and your budget.

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