DSE Pain Referrals

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DSE Pain Referrals

DSE Pain Referral Assessments, are an ergonomic-based needs assessment that are delivered by Workspace Health’s network of expert Ergonomic Assessors and Chartered Physiotherapists.

These assessments are specifically designed to identify potential avenues for rapid rehabilitation and any specialist DSE equipment that may be required by an employee suffering from musculoskeletal issues.

Our standard booking process is as follows:

  • All Pain Referral Assessments are booked using the Referral Booking Form which is emailed to: assessments@com
  • All assessments are typically delivered within 5 working days from the original referral request, depending on end user availability
  • All assessments will be followed up with a written report where required, which is returned to the specified individual within 5 working days

Level 1 Pain Referral Assessment

This will be delivered onsite by a Workspace Health ergonomic specialist at an agreed date and time. After the assessment, a summary report will be sent to complete the procedure. Where specialist DSE equipment is required, a full written report outlining the recommended pathway to recovery/resolution will be provided.

Level 2 Pain Referral Assessment

Level 2 assessments are used when an occupational health report is required as well as a DSE assessment.

This is usually where there are wider issues impacting the employee’s well-being and productivity, other than just DSE equipment.

Typical examples might include:

  • An employee who has a disability
  • An employee with a diagnosed, long term chronic condition which is affecting their ability to work
  • An employee whose work is impaired due to chronic pain or dysfunction
  • An employee returning from absence due to injury or other musculoskeletal condition

This assessment would be delivered onsite by a specialist Chartered Physiotherapist and the employee would be required to complete a pre-assessment form for the Physiotherapist to review before the assessment consultation.

Upon completion, a written occupational health report outlining the recommended pathway to recovery/resolution would be provided; together with recommendations for specialist ergonomic equipment if required.

Pain Referral Assessments are priced depending on the number to be assessed. Please get in touch: assessments@workspacehealth.com

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