DSE Assessor Training

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DSE Assessor Training and Support

isplay Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments, in our view, are an important tool to review the health and well-being of your office-based staff.

If a self-assessment DSE review is conducted yearly along with a general health questionnaire employers are able to pick up sub-clinical issues that are likely to become problematic in the future.

A good starting point to this process is for designated staff to be trained by Workspace Health to become Level 1 DSE Assessors.

Level 1 Assessors are non-medical staff who are able to perform a basic DSE Assessment. This would include helping office workers set up their workstations and assisting any employee who is experiencing discomfort or has a problem with their DSE equipment and/or furniture.

All DSE Assessors who are trained by Workspace Health are able to access our Support Service in the event they have questions or require specialist advice.

Training is conducted onsite and is priced depending on the number to be trained. Please get in touch: assessments@workspacehealth.com

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